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Montessori Schools of Maryland is a non-profit corporation formed in the State of Maryland dedicated to furthering the educational objectives, methods and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the State of Maryland by achieving the following goals:


  • To advance and protect the educational vision formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori in both private and public schools in the State of Maryland.

  • To speak with one united voice for Montessori education in Maryland.​

  • To ensure that all entities calling themselves Montessori schools in the State of Maryland are holding true to Dr. Montessori’s vision as an MSDE-approved Validating Organization of Montessori schools.

  • To support the administration of Montessori schools in the State of Maryland by using its best efforts to ensure that all government entities within the State of Maryland understand and support the Montessori community's mission and address issues of public policy that may affect education in general and, more specifically, Montessori education.


  • •To keep the Montessori community informed of all actions and events that might affect the community’s ability to achieve its goals and support the education and guidance of the Montessori community in Maryland.





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