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1. Please complete and return the Initial Application for Validation along with a $100.00 Application Fee to: MSM 11820 Parklawn Drive Suite 230 Rockville, MD 20852


You can download the Application HERE.


2. Upon receipt of the completed Initial Application for Validation and the Application Fee, MSM will send you the Self Study Form to be completed by your school.


3. When the completed Self Study Form and all supporting documents are received by MSM, they will be reviewed and comments, if any, will be forwarded to you.


4. Once that process has been completed, MSM will schedule a Site Visit. The purpose of the Site Visit is to verify the information submitted in the Self Study Form.


5. Upon the completion of the Site Visit, the Validating Committee will review the documentation, approve all qualifying schools for validation on a rolling basis and issue an MSM Certificate of Validation.


6. The Certificate of Validation is active for four years from the date of issuance. At least six months prior to the expiration date of the Certificate, the school must apply to MSM for renewal. This renewal will require the school to update its Self Study to reflect any changes since the issuance of the expiring Certificate of Validation.


7. Additional Site Visits will not take place unless there is a specific reason to do so, such as a serious concern raised by parents or staff or the addition of a new program that needs to be validated.


In order to be validated by MSM, all lead Montessori teachers must be credentialed by an AMS, AMI, NCME or MACTE approved training center for the level at which they will teach.  If you have lead teachers who do not meet this requirement, please bring them into compliance before seeking validation.

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